About 'The Online City'

The Online City (TOC) was designed and created by Charlie Stelling in 2012, the concept of the site was to provide its readers with a means to find voucher codes and deals online as well as other opportunities to save money in all areas of life.


About Advertisements

In an ideal world we would make the site  be ad free,  however for the time being displaying ads is one of the most secure ways of generating some income to support the websites hosting and domain name. On some voucher code/deal links we may add our own affiliate links which also generate some commission from the merchant in some circumstances.

About Me

My name is Charlie Stelling, I am 23 y.o. and work full time as a web developer based in the North East, UK. I run this site in my spare time. Cliche but - it is my pride and joy.

"Whilst at university, I found myself constantly feeling deprived of cash and needed ways to cut back on my spending. I wanted to put my new knowledge of web development to some use, and thus created The Online City... A site that I could post daily deals to and write articles that people could relate too."

Useful Information

The content written on this website is journalistic in its nature and does not constitute as financial advice. Use the information at your owk risk and always seek financial help from a qualified advisor. This site links to external websites, some of which are affiliate links. These links are a crucial source of revenue. I can't guarantee the content of third party sites, particularly links posted by users of this site.

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