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The Ann Summers store, how did it all come about?

For you to truly appreciate the Ann Summers high quality range of retail products, you need to know the story about how it all started out, here is a little bit of history for you.

So back in the 70s the concept of Ann Summers was born. As the brain child of Caborn-Waterfield of London, England, the name came about when Caborn decided to name his business concept after his secretary. Nobody really knows why but it is known that his secretary was a very attractive women with all the right curves and of course her name was Annice Summers. Unfortunately Caborn-Waterfield was not a very good business man and after his initial short term successes, he made a critical mistake when he expanded too early and too fast. History shows this move was to lead to his downfall, with Ann Summers going into voluntary liquidation soon after.


In the early seventies it was a very turbulent time for any business owner. It wasn’t until 1971 when both the name and also Caborn-Waterfield’s debts were purchased by the Gold brothers, two business men Ralph & David. They could recognise a good investment when they saw one and soon there was three Ann Summers stores. The Gold’s realised very early on that mail order would be the best way to market these products, and they used this to great effect for nine years.

They were the father and uncle to the eventual long-time owner Jacqueline Gold and it wasn’t until she was invited to an in home party selling  Pippa Dee products that her new Ann Summers Brand would finally explode via this new way of selling the Ann Summers products

Sure other companies were doing in home parties but very few had the financial backing of the Gold name, and after testing some parties using her own money, Jacqueline Gold was given the all clear to as you say “run the show”. She placed one simple advert in the London newspaper The Evening Standard in the early eighties to potentially recruit and train women to be party organisers. From then on, the Ann Summers party plan business model went from strength to strength and grossed in excess of 80,000 pounds in its first full year. Fast forward to present day where the Ann Summers party plan business in one of the top ten privately owned companies in Great Britain. Not to mention Jacqueline Gold is a household name with over 7,500 active party organisers within the EU and also Germany, Denmark and of course Holland, not to mention the middle east, and then there is the first franchise store in Sydney, Australia.

 Jacqueline is a modern business icon in her business field, party plans. She embodies the modern mantra of men & women all over the world which is fun, frolic and online shopping. Ann Summers products and parties are here to stay.

Well done Jacqueline Gold you are an inspiration to many, 144 stores alone in the United Kingdom is a testament to your still growing legacy.


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