Why People Love the New Facebook Challenges

Sunday, September 18th, 2016 CharlieStelling News

A ‘like’ too far?

In a recent Facebook craze – users are posting screenshots of apparent conversations with brands asking for free product/ services if they are able to achieve a set amount of likes, comments and shares.

zuckerberg-scamThe most notable was by a user ‘Callan Brown’ asking CEO and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, how many ‘likes’ it would take to remove American presidential candidate Donald Trump to be removed from the social network. The founder, apparently replied quoting it would take “500k likes 50k comments and 20k shares”. However this later turned out to be a hoax.

This creative form of marketing is a fun way to promote your brand but is it worth it?

An alternative brand awareness campaign, such as a competition, might not yield the same number of likes as this recent craze. The user may not be able to generate the required number of ‘likes’ that you set out, in this scenario you have no requirements to gift them the wager. However,  they may have generated some interest in your brand which could have been expensive to do otherwise. You could consider rewarding them with a consolation prize – this could be a lesser version of the original item or something else entirely.

Users could post many comments giving users the opportunity to cheat so it’s best not to focus on the number of comments and instead to ask for ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. Asking the user to place a link to your Facebook page / or website is a must to really benefit from accepting these challenges.

As times goes on it’s likely the more users that post these kind of challenges the more people that are going to be annoyed by them as they start spamming up users newsfeeds and people will begin to ignore them. A charity pledge however could be interesting…



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