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If, like me, you enjoy spending your free time playing the occasional video game, you may have begun to notice just how expensive this hobby can be. The newest games can retail for as much as £50 new, which is massive. What I’m not suggesting is that video game producers don’t deserve this revenue, they absolutely do, rather we explore how you can get your hands on a game when you may not have necessarily paid full price originally.

There is a thriving marketplace for second hand games. Physical stores such as CEX and Game thrive off this market.


G2A is a website selling game keys for Steam & Origin. You can also purchase some console games as digital download codes at discounted prices. If you pay for a monthly subscription to Xbox Live or Playstation Plus, you can purchase monthly or yearly passes far cheaper here than paying direct. This is useful if you sometimes skip a few months playing online.

Annual Xbox Fee: 12 x £6 = £60
G2A 12 Month Pass: £30

Visit G2A

eBay / Auctions

eBay is a great place for sourcing discounted games, unlike CEX you’re dealing with a seller directly (cutting out the middleman). You can more than likely purchase used games far more affordably on eBay.

Worth noting as well, a number of physical auction houses sometimes also have lots containing job lot bundles of games and consoles.

Steam Sales

Occasionally Steam holds sales where a large number of games commonly have large discounts applied to them. They often only last a couple of days, and can be easily missed. Thankfully they interested a feature where if you have the game on your wishlist, you will be emailed a notification telling you of the sale.

Humble Bundle

Humble bundle is a website that first and foremost sell games and other digital software. However they also offer bundles, which can be purchased for as little as $1 (though a portion of the sale goes to charity – so don’t be tight). These bundles can contain games, ebooks or software, occasionally there are console keys listed as well. This can lead to massive savings if a particular games takes your fancy.

See more here: https://www.humblebundle.com/

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