Howto Save Money In 2020

Friday, March 20th, 2020 Lifestyle

Here we look at ways you howto save money in 2020. According to the FCA around 15 million people aren’t saving enough in the UK.  There is a national problem affecting Britain’s ability to save.

Credit Cards

Whilst not everyone owns a credit card, those that do use them regularly are faced with one of the most expensive loans available. If possible clear the balance and ditch it quickly.  To help avoid paying over-the-top interest, shop around for 0% balance transfer deals. have great advice and deals on this. See more here.

Takeaway Lunches And Meal Deals

Whilst there are some great meal deals from stores like boots and Greggs paying between 3 and 5 Pounds a day on lunches soon adds up. Instead take a packed lunch or leftovers and save money.  Packed lunch items could be included in your weekly shopping budget and you could even look for discounted or promotional items for even greater savings. Doing this could save you on average £1,000 a year.


Purchasing a cappuccino or latte from your local coffee shop usually costs around £2.50. Research from Buddy Loans indicates that as Brits, we spend over £600 a year on a shop bought coffee. I like coffee, but instead feel a purchased coffee is more of a treat than a daily necessity. Instead make your own and drink on the go. Try these awesome travel cups.

Paying For Groceries

You could save thousands by switching to supermarkets own brand products. Whilst some people are partial to some of their premium choices, why not try switching a few of the basics to see if there’s really that much difference in taste and quality. Personally, I see little difference in supermarket own brand pastas and tinned produce which I regularly opt for.

If you haven’t looked into online deliveries you may be able to save more money by doing so.  Shopping online gives you the flexibility to see all of the stores current discounts and offers as well as letting you easily compare items against other brands.  Supermarkets will often give out voucher codes ranging from £10 to £20 off a food shop – these can be quite frequent. If you’re not particular to a certain supermarket you could switch on a weekly basis depending on who’s offering the better savings. Additionally you can save your basket for reuse for the following weeks. There are delivery charges to account for, however ordering in non peak times or collecting can reduce this cost or negate it entirely.

Voucher Codes & TopCashBack

When buying online, I always check to see if the website has any voucher codes or is listed on TopCashBack. Voucher codes can be found via a quick Google search (or you can try our voucher codes). Some of the best savings can be obtained by signing up to TopCashBack which gives you cashback for most online purchases including eBay. You can soon earn hundreds pretty easily and can be a nice bonus to a purchase you were going to make anyway.


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