How to Make a £100 a Day

Monday, September 19th, 2016 Charlie Stelling Money

Want to learn how to make a  £100 a day passive income? Read our list of ideas on how you can achieve this success. We will review the following methods that could allow everyday people to achieve this with a little dedication and hard work..


  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Make a Website
  • Youtube
  • Ebooks
  • Sell Products Online



The first method is turning your skills into profit and becoming an ‘Online Freelancer’. The most notable sites are: ‘Upwork’, ‘PeoplePerHour’ and ‘Freelancer’. You can earn money through freelancing websites by completing tasks using a number of skills. The most common are graphics design, web development and content writing. If you are particularly knowledgeable in a certain field – emphasise this in your bids and look out for content tasks matching your knowledge / interest.

Upwork now take 20% of whatever you earn for themselves :/ but they do offer some recompense by charging you less if you work with the same clients on a regular basis. You will need to start your bids low and at first in order to start winning bids. The more renowned you become, the more you can charge and the easier it becomes to earn £100 a day.

Some tasks can be completed in under an hour, completing a few of these a day shouldn’t be too difficult. Some of the larger jobs may take a day or two but likely to result in a larger profit. If you find yourself running out of bids during a month, consider upgrading to pro. This will give you a range of benefits including more bids.


Blogging / Vlogging

Being able to blog successfully for a passive income is not easily achieved. There are countless bloggers and Youtube vloggers who dedicate many hours of their time for little to no results. Many do it simply because they enjoy it or for the prospect of getting rich. The success of Youtube sensation Pewdiepie, blogger Zoella and countless other have captured the imagination of anyone who’s seen them. We will update this post with a link on howto create a blogging site, but in essence you need a platform to write your content e.g. WordPress or Blogspot. Once you have this, you just need to write interesting content and be able to market this well.


Make a website

Making a website doesn’t need to cost you a fortune / months building getting the theme to 100% – head on over to Theme Forest and buy a premium theme from there. Write content for your site, like a lot of content and do something different, a service that people need (or already have – but do it better!).

If you’re more of a designer than a coder, you could also look into selling website themes online, sites like Theme Forest pay designers to submit their designs and offer them a slice of the profit for each sale.



Write an ebook and publish on Amazon. Whilst you might not be the next JK Rowling, you can earn a steady passive income from people buying your ebook. Writing an ebook is simple enough but does require investing a bit more time and dedication. You will need to find a niche and aim your content around that.

Aim for between 20 – 40 pages of content. This could take a couple of weeks (or longer) to complete depending on the complexity of the topic. Once you are finished be sure to spell-check and proofread your work. You will also need a cover for your book. These can be purchased on Fiverr for $5. Take some time to check on Amazon what books seem to sell well. Usually successful ebook cover use large bold lettering with contrasting colors and a nice image.


Sell Products Online

If you’re an artsy person and have ever made anything interesting – why not profit from it? Take for example, my sister, whose passion for art has led her to start making decorative (pixie) dolls. She sells these at Arts and Crafts fairs, gives them away as gifts and displays them in the shop she works in. Create your own ecommerce website (perhaps hire a freelancer to help) or list your products on a site like etsy. All you need to do is make them!

Another option is dropshipping, the idea is simple but often hard to implement. First you need an online presence. You then need to populate this site with products as if you were selling the items in the first place. This can / should be automated if you have a feed of products from a merchant or third party. If you’re able to market the site effectively – a combination of content writing, paid ads and social media, you will have visitors come to your store and make  a  purchase. The trick is to sell the item for more than the merchant. This is your profit (minus tax).



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