#GoodbyeRoundPound – Old Pound No Longer Accepted

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 Money, News

The 15th October 2017 marked the official changeover date for the new twelve sided pound coin. You can no longer spend the old round pound coin in shops, however some shops will still accept for a small period after this date. The Federation of Small Businesses has appealed to its 170,000 members to continue accepting the old version, meaning some independant stores may still accept it. Some of the stores still accepting the old pound coin are listed below:

  • Tesco – 23 October
  • Aldi  – 30 October
  • Iceland – 30 October
  • Poundland – 31 October

In addition to the retailers above, you can also donate your old one pound coin to your favorite charity.


What does the new one pound coin look like?

The new twelve sided coin is hailed as the most secure coin in the world. It boasts an array of security features to help prevent it from being counerfitted. Interestingly,  it is also the fifth coin portrait version of the Queen. Unfortuantly during the release of the new coin, many users found they had received a defective coin. Some had holes missing in the center, had been double pressed or appeared cracked/warped. Some of these coins have been flogged on eBay, with some fetching as much as £300. Officials have admitted that faults had crept in during the coins minting process.

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