Developer Blog Part I

Thursday, July 27th, 2017 Developer Blog

This is the first part of the development blog series which I will post whenever a new feature on ‘TheOnlineCity’ has taken place. A lot of my times goes into creating new backend code which sometimes you will see, at other times it just runs in the background and you will never notice it. First however I would like to share what my average day. It is a lot different to when I first started the site back at university, over five years ago!

I start my day usually with an alarm at 6am. I leave my girlfriend in bed and load up the PC. I installed a solid state drive several months ago which has dramatically reduced the time it takes the PC to boot up. I make myself a cup of ‘Yorkshire Tea’ (obvs) or whatever coffee we have in. This important decision is usually made depending on how tired I am feeling; with the latter reserved for sleepier mornings.

Once I am confident I have made a decent brew, I sit down at my desk. I have a good setup, though I would like to get a second monitor like I do at work, as this helps with the development aspect. I have seen many stock images of flawless desk setups usually containing a Macbook and a plant of some kind. It is these kind of images that has made me want to buy an aloe vera plant for some time. A sad truth.

Spotify has also decided to open on startup but I don’t mind. I place my headphones on and either listen to my own selection of songs or a recently discovered ‘Software Development’ playlist. I’ll copy the embed for anybody who is interested.

I usually have a quick check of my Google Analytics, Affiliate Networks and Google Adsense accounts at the start of the week before deciding what tasks I will complete.

Tasks range from:

  • Developing new features on the website
  • Writing and researching new articles and ideas.
  • Link building and networking.

First and foremost, I am a software developer so I enjoy coding new features the most. Now that the website is mostly in-place, my focus is shifting on writing new articles and connecting with other sites.

I spend around two hours (sometimes more if I have time) performing whatever task I have given myself. Occasionally I am able to finish the task in this time, at other times it will take a number of days to complete. I then get ready for work.

In the evening I will spend time with my girlfriend and then take another look at my websites. I always try to get at least seven hours sleep. Not sure what the magic number is meant to be but this works for me.

I need to create a list of SML goals (short, medium and long term). I know I would like to increase overall site traffic as well as increase the number of followers on social media.

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