Average Speeds to be Advertised by Broadband Adverts

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 News

From Wednesday the 23rd of May 2018 broadband providers will need to show what the average speed of 50% of their current customers achieve between 8pm and 10pm. These times are known as peak time – when most people are online. Currently they only show the maximum speeds that at least 10% of the customers are able to obtain, which in reality a lot of their customers may not even come close to.

So… what’s changing?

Simply put the speeds advertised via broadband providers Must be received by at least 50% of the customers. It is worth noting that your current speeds won’t be affected by this, only what companies are allowed to advertise.

How to test what you’re likely to receive

If you’re moving into a new property and you want to test what speed you’re likely to receive you can usually check this via the companies websites. Most large providers adhere to a voluntary code of practice by Ofcom which shows an estimated line speed.  The speed is however only an estimate.

If you’re unsure about what your current Internet speed is you can check by visiting the following website: www.speedtest.net.

This website will show you your current download and upload speeds which you can compare to what you should be receiving.  if this value is significantly lower then you should contact your internet provider to see what can be done to improve this.

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