10 Habits to Kick to Save Money

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We all have habits that negatively affect our ability to save money each month. Whilst earning more is always nice, we look at the ways how you  can optimize the money you have and become more efficient.


Spend Less on Groceries

As a student, I was forced to live a lot more frugal. I used to rent a flat close to Newcastle city center, the Grainger market was only a small walk away. I was able to purchase fresh fruit and veg far more cheaply than a supermarket. You can also buy fish, meat and dairy products at your local market often more cheaply than a supermarket.


Quit Smoking

With this being an addiction I wont say much about this point. Quitting smoking could save you a lot of money and there are the obvious health benefits. Many people have opted to purchase an e-cigarette either as a supplement or an outright alternative to smoking.


Driving Less / Walking More

Exercise is good for you. Planning on driving? Many people often drive short distances for convenience. This all adds up and you could save hundreds over the space of a year by instead walking short distances. You’ll save on fuel, less wear and tear on your automobile and you’ll reap the health benefits.


Stop Buying Bottled Water

I’m quite comfortable drinking tap water, we live in the United Kingdom where you can be thankful for clean water. Other countries such as Greece, often don’t have this luxury and bottled water is a necessity. Help reduce plastic pollution and just drink tap water instead. Use a filter if you have to.


Stop Buying High Street Coffee

Like me, you may need to drink one or more cups of coffee just to be able to function remotely well on a morning. This shouldn’t need to bankrupt you however. If money is tight, put the kettle on instead. Not only could this save you hundreds, but your also avoiding the extra calories and sugars.


Cutting Back on Takeaways

Whilst the amount of takeaways consumed per month varies, as a nation we are spending an ever-increasing amount of our income on takeaways. If your guilty of visiting more than you should, consider being a bit stricter with yourself. There are great homemade alternatives.


Spending Less on Lunches

When I first started working full-time, I used to go-out and buy lunch everyday. This would often mean a visit to the local Tesco Express, Boots or Greggs. They have some of the best meal-deals, offering a selection of sandwiches, drinks and if you’re lucky some crisps to go with it. However this can be a be an expensive habit, and could cost you hundreds per year. Instead, I now purchase pack lunch items as part of the shopping budget. Controversially, my favorite is cheese and pickle… Yum.


Buying Cheaper TV Packages

I believe that most people would agree, TV is a great source of entertainment, however it doesn’t need to cost you a small fortune to afford. You don’t need to have expensive cable tv to watch on-demand TV. Freeview has been around for awhile and is a great alternative to regular TV. If you’re looking for a more intermediate level, consider one of the streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Now TV. Often these services allow you to share the cost with other family members by letting them have their own accounts in a family plan.


Checking Bank Statements Regularly

You should regularly check your bank accounts. This will help to identify any unused services (think gym memberships, subscription services, misc. spending). If you’re spending more than you use on these services, look for alternatives or cut them out entirely. Checking your bank account frequently can help you from spending and going overdrawn which also has consequences.


Nights In vs Nights Out

Definitely something I did more of as a student as opposed to working full-time. Going on a night out often led to a sore head and a lighter wallet. Whilst I’m not suggesting you stop having fun and enjoying an active social life, however there are cheaper and healthier events you could organize to avoid going out as often. For example, for the past year, I have been playing 5-aside football at a local sports center with friends on a weekly basis.


We would love to extend this list further, if you have kicked any other habits you think others might benefit from sharing, please comment or visit our forum.


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4 Comments to 10 Habits to Kick to Save Money

    • Thanks Jane, admittedly I don’t get the chance to go to Aldi often – though they’re building a new one in Hebburn this year. I will look out for those cappuccino sachets!

  • Great tips on how to cut costs and save money! It’s amazing how the little things we do each day all add up. I’m lucky I don’t like coffee, but the biggest boost to our budget has come from driving down food costs and taking packed lunches.
    Thanks so much for taking part in#MondayMoney.

    • Thanks Faith, couldn’t agree more. And the #MondayMoney linky is a great incentive to share posts!

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