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Black Friday 2015 is just around the corner and its going to be a big one. Retailers and consumers alike are anticipating the highest sales day on record with many believing over £1 billion will be spent on this day alone. Combined with Cyber Monday, retailers will witness a surge in traffic (and sales) over this period.

Many retailers hate the concept of Black Friday, whilst the turn around of stock is high, they are expected to slash prices and in-turn are cutting their profits. This is particularly prominent on tech products which already have very narrow profit margins. Critics argue that the concept of Black Friday isn’t right as consumers would be expected to buy these products over the festive period regardless – MP’s and some businesses want people to boycott Black Friday.

In short, good for consumers, bad for retailers.


What stores are offering the best Xbox Black Friday deals?

Its currently to early to know the exact details of any deals as most companies want to keep their promotions secret until the last minute to avoid competitors under-pricing them. It is clear however that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles are going to be heavily discounted over this period. For those of you who have been holding off getting a console until the price fell – you wont be disappointed.



  • Get in early – Many well known brands website’s crashed last year, whilst preventive measures will be implemented, this will not be the case for all websites. Even the most well planned systems can fail under enough strain. Sites may also be slower and stock may run out for certain products if left too late in the day. Wake up early or even browse around Thursday evening and stay up past 12.“The early bird catches the worm.”
  • Use voucher codes to get the best deal possible – many sites will have a range of voucher codes ready especially created for the Black Friday period. These could be used on top of discounted items.
  • Prices may be slashed on highly sought after products in the hope that customers will buy other (more profitable) items whilst on their sites. This marketing process is known as a loss-leader.


Game Logo
Last year Game was one of the most popular sites for discounted PlayStation and Xbox bundles. The Game website was one of the major sites that crashed on Black Friday 2014.

View Game Black Friday Deals



Zavvi Logo.svgZavvi are promising some of the biggest savings on Xbox and PlaySation consoles, as well as discounts on Blu-rays, laptops and games. They offered some serious deals in 2014 so we’re only expecting good things this year.

Zavvi Black Friday Deals




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