Where to post competitions and prize draws.

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Where to post competitions and prize draws.


Competitions are a great way to attract new customers and promote brand awareness. The process can be much more affordable than conventional advertising such as through a paper, TV advert and event Google adwords.

The prize can be as simple as a box of chocolates but could be as elaborate as a trip to a tropical paradise.

Competitions should be easy to enter – the more complex you make the entry process the fewer users are going to bother entering.

When trying to promote your competition, you should ensure that you have posted to all the relevant social media profiles.

Twitter is a crucial place to post your competition with users able to search for the tags #Win and #Competition.

You should also place your competition on Facebook as this can help you gain additional page likes and is bound to get a trickle of likes from fans of your page helping to bolster your reputability on Facebook.

There are a number of sites that specialise in competition listings. You should ensure you have posted you competition to the following sites, most will require you to create an account and you should familiarise yourself with their terms to avoid your post being removed.

To optimize your reach, you should post your competition on the following sites for a steady stream of referral traffic.

Loquax http://www.loquax.co.uk/

This Page Rank 4 site is a must when looking to post your competition online. It has a loyal fan base of users or ‘Compers’ who relish the opportunity to win prizes.

CoolFreebieLinks http://www.coolfreebielinks.com

This is another Page Rank 4 website – entries can take up 3 -5 days to be accepted so be sure to plan ahead when adding your competitions to this site. Priority is given to sites that have added backlinks.

shop4freebies http://www.shop4freebies.com/submit_offer

This site looks great and has many years of experience in posting only the best freebies and sweepstake on the net.

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