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Monday, August 3rd, 2015 CharlieStelling Money

How Can I Save Money?In early life, saving money can seem like a bit of a nightmare, particularly when the amount of money you earnĀ  never seems to be enough.

We asked our readers to suggest some tips on how to save money, the response was overwhelming.


Shop online

Browsing around online can help you save money when compared to buying on the high-street. For starters, you will save on the cost of commuting if needing to take a cab/bus/car. But also many online stores issue voucher codes which 9 times out of 10 will only be applicable online. Vouchers can range to a fixed percentage discount, free delivery or sometimes even a free gift.

Hint: Many online stores have the ability to remember your current basket, if you leave the site before actually completing the checkout, is is possible to go back to the site a day or two later with your cart intact. Using this functionality, some retailers offer an email based reminder service asking you to revisit your cart in order to improve sales. In a final attempt to sway you, they may offer you a voucher code after a certain amount of time has transpired.


Own Label

The major supermarkets, including Tesco, Morrisons and Asda all offer their own flare of own-label produce. Purchasing own-label produce is a guaranteed way to trim down the grocery bill. For example, Tesco’s own label bread can be purchased for approximately half the price of other loafs, and the same applies to other produce too. Consider making a shopping list before visiting you local supermarket, this can help you stay within budget and allows you to plan meals in advance which can avoid wasting food.


Mobile Phone

Mobile phone contracts can be a burden on your balance, particularly expensive phone-inclusive tariffs. The first question to ask yourself, whether prior to purchasing a contract for the first time or renewing, is whether you need it. Unlimited calls and texts sounds exciting, but in reality apps are already availableĀ that allow you to do this for free, such as WhatsApp or Apple’s FaceTime.

Consider using pay-as-you-go, there are some great mobile carriers, such as Giffgaff, that offer unrivaled value for money and you don’t run the risk of going over your limit without the need of topping up again.

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