Five things you need to know before shopping at TK Maxx

Thursday, July 30th, 2015 CharlieStelling Shopping

TK Maxx LogoTK Maxx is a UK retailer offering brands up to 60% cheaper than outlet stores. They stock clothing, shoes, furniture and even sunglasses  amongst many other items.

These items are bought from thousands of vendors instead of a single manufacturer which allows TK Maxx to sell items at a lower price. In the states TK Maxx is called TJMaxx, the name was deemed to similar to TJ Hughes and would have been confusing.


1) If you see something you like and if you are planning on holding back then remember that when all the stock has been sold its gone.

2) The TK Maxx online store currently offer free delivery on orders over £50. Voucher codes may be available at the time of purchase so it is worth checking if any already exist as it may mean shopping online is cheaper.

3) TK Maxx is a great place to purchase high quality branded shoes at a low price. Mens | Womens

4) Check out their clearance items, you may find your diamond in the rough here.

5) Many claim that whilst their staff are mostly friendly and approachable, overhead costs are kept to a minimum (to offer the best prices to you). The could mean locating a member of staff for a query is a little more difficult than in an outlet store.


TK Maxx is a great store for finding real value for money and allows you to save money buying branded clothing. It sometimes feels like a treasure hunt when trying to locate an item of a certain size / brand but this just adds to the enjoyment. Hope these tips were useful. Feel free to share your own opinions of TK Maxx and any tips you feel should be added to the list.

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